Gilbert Arvizu is a highly motivated, knowledgeable, and demonstrated problem solver with several years of multidisciplinary experiences addressing the social determinants of health in low income communities throughout the USA. He is an adaptive health care and social services leader able to diagnose systemic, community, and organizational problems, and is subsequently able to efficiently mobilize intersectoral stakeholders to respond and resolve. 

Gilbert is an eight generation Arizonan born in the 85034 zip-code, the second highest distressed zip-code for children in the entire state of Arizona. Growing up down the street from the area with the highest murder rate in Arizona, his family, through hard work and Catholic values, overcame historical trauma to provide opportunities for Gilbert and his brothers to become first generation college graduates. 

Gilbert was a part of the implementation team of UnitedHealthcare's national social determinants of health initiative in 2015, myConnections, which received a 2015 UnitedHealth Group Innovation Award. Gilbert coordinated and developed the Standard Operating Procedures for myCommunity Connect, the largest entity under myConnections. In this role, he also advised Healthify staff in its infancy on cultural competency and local social service capacity, and Healthify has since become the premier social determinants of health closed loop referral system. He was Senator John McCain's last full time intern, analyzing health policy, implementing the bipartisan Congressional Investigation of the Navajo Housing Authority, and strategically planning Rio Reimagined, the only National Urban Waters Federal Partnership in the past decade. Gilbert currently advises the President & CEO of one of the largest Chicano community development corporations in the United States on a wide array of federal, state, and local issues.

Gilbert is currently a Health Care Management graduate student at the Johns Hopkins University.