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GILBERT ARVIZU is an adaptive health and social care leader from the Downtown and Sky Harbor International Airport Areas.

For almost a decade and across all sectors of the economy, Gilbert has garnered substantial experience in implementing and operationalizing initiatives aimed at addressing health-related social needs. These initiatives include the establishment of community care hubs, the development of social determinants of health (SDOH) screening tools, and the integration of community health workers. In addition, he has supported the strategic management and expansion of health and human services throughout the Southwest.

Employing the socioecological model and adept social structural analysis, Gilbert proficiently identifies and addresses health disparities prevalent within communities. His unwavering attention converges on the triad of individuals, policies, and environments. Notably, he demonstrates a remarkable fusion of business acumen and a spirit of social entrepreneurship, a synergy that underpins the creation of sustainable programs yielding enduring impacts.

Within the sphere of both personal and professional pursuits, Gilbert is deeply engaged with the nuances of structural violence and their intricate interplay with the broader landscape, including the U.S. public deficit. His ethical orientation finds its anchor in the wisdom tradition of Roman Catholicism.

Having earned his graduate degree from the esteemed institution of Johns Hopkins University, Gilbert stands as a testament to the fruitful fusion of scholarly rigor and a commitment to tangible societal betterment.

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